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1) Cable End Basics
2) Dream your End color scheme :)

1) Cable End Basics

  • Device EndPlugs into your keyboard or other device
    Host EndPlugs into your PC, USB hub, or other power source

2) Dream your End color scheme :)

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Individual detachable USB cable ends! Mix and match different detachable cables and cable ends to create more designs or make your detachable cable usable with different keyboards or PCs! You need the flexibility to use your cable with all of your keyboards and computers, without having to buy separate cables for each combination 🙂  Isn’t that the true purpose of a detachable to begin with?

First, determine if you need a device or host end. Extra device detachable ends allow you to easily switch between keyboards, while extra host detachable ends allow you to move a keyboard between computers. Next, use our color chart to choose your favorite paracord pattern, and then choose your cable end length, USB connector end, heat shrink color, and whether or not you want a coil!

Our USB ends are placed into our USB cable queue and will be completed in the order they are made. If you order a Dream Custom Artisan Detachable USB Cable with your Custom Detachable End, they will be shipped simultaneously, just as they were ordered.

We use 5-pin aviator connectors to create the detachable end of your cable. All cables are tested before shipment and will arrive ready for you to use. USB 2.0 spec only allows for cables to be about 15 feet long to work properly. Please understand that coils require more overall length to be added to your cable, which means that your overall device end length in combination with your other detachable host end could cause your cable to have trouble transmitting the power necessary for your device. We do not recommend trying to use a coil on each side of your detachable aviator, since your true cable length can quickly go out of USB 2.0 specifications. Our detachable ends are designed to work with all Dream Cables detachables, but we can not guarantee functionality when mixed with cable ends from other cable vendors.

Check the FAQ page or contact us at [email protected] with questions! Please note that orders can only be changed up to 24 hours after they have been placed due to how quickly we begin the process of assigning cables to our technicians and start cutting raw materials.