Can I buy an extra detachable side for my cable?

Yes, you can! We offer extra detachable device and host ends through our Custom Detachable USB End page. This provides adaptability for your custom detachable USB cables and allows you to change out your keyboard, or your PC for a laptop, without needing a whole new...

How are orders fulfilled?

Generally, orders are fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis. However, to produce our cables faster, we do batch process mouse paracord orders separately from USB cable orders. Mouse cables are quicker to produce and may be shipped ahead of USB cable orders in...

Is my cable tested before shipping?

Of course! Every Dream Cable is plugged in and checked to be working properly immediately before shipping.If there are any issues with your cable when it arrives, please let us know, and we will address it. We want your cable to be everything you dreamed!

How does a coil affect the length of my cable?

It doesn’t! Your cable will be whatever length you choose and also include your coil in that length.Example: If you order a 7-foot cable with a 6-inch coil, your cable will be 7 feet long and include a 6-inch coil within those 7 feet.