Both our Mouse Paracords and our USB Paracords are made using 30awg ultra-flexible braided wiring inside of your choice of paracord.

Mouse Paracords come with a USB-A or USB-C to plug into your PC, laptop, or USB hub, with the appropriate JST connector on the opposite end for installation into your mouse. Mouse Paracords are for wired mice where the cable is not removable unless the mouse has been taken apart. We offer Mouse Paracords as a Quick-Ship with limited color options that ship next business day, as well as Custom Mouse Paracords with the standard USB-A end or our unique Custom USB-C Mouse Paracord option which uses a USB-C connector to plug into your PC, laptop, etc.

USB Paracords come with 2 separate standard USB connectors, one on each end of the paracord. You can choose between a USB-A or USB-C to plug into your PC, laptop, or USB hub, and then your second USB connector plugs into the front of your mouse. USB Paracords are intended for wireless mice or wired mice which use a removable cable that simply plugs into the front of the mouse. You can choose between our Quick-Ship USB Paracords, ready to ship the next business day with limited color combinations, or our Custom USB Paracords where you can choose your length, connectors, and all color options.