USB Keyboard Cable Coil Care

Caring for your coil:

  • Coils that simply sit on your desk without any real movement, will have very little to no deformation and maintain their shape extremely well.
  • Coils are pretty sturdy and can handle some springy stretching, but less stretching of the coil will help the coil to maintain its shape.
  • If you do start to notice some gapping in between the coils of your cable, see the guidance below.

After deformation or expansion of your coil:

  • Re-coil (tighten) your coil in the direction it is rotated
  • Detachable Cables: Use your keyboard and detachable connector to help hold your tightened coil in place
  • Non-Detachable Cables: Use your keyboard, plus a weighted item or cable clip on the back side of the cable, to help hold your tightened coil in place