Mouse Paracord Installation

Heat Shrink Installation

1) Take your mouse apart — there may be a YouTube video available for your particular mouse model. Screws are often hidden underneath mouse feet. Heating the mouse feet with a hairdryer will soften them and make them easier to remove. Separate the top and bottom carefully in case there is a cable connecting the two halves.

2) Remove your stock mouse cable — this may require separating the PCB (electronic board) from the base of the mouse. Take note of the routing used inside the mouse for your stock cable. (Pictures may be helpful depending on the intricacies of your mouse layout.)

3) Comparing your stock cable and new mouse paracord, measure the distance from the JST connector (that plugs into the socket on the board) to the stress relief of your stock mouse cable. Hold the wires with one hand, and using your other hand, pull the Paracord of your new mouse paracord to the same distance from the JST as that on your stock cable.

4) Place one small black heat shrink of your mouse paracord at the same distance as your stock stress relief, and place the other small heat shrink in a convenient spot to help you tuck your wires away. (This may be on wires only, or split between the edge of the paracord and the wires leading to the JST. Depending on your mouse, the amount of paracord inside your mouse shell will change.)

5) Use a lighter, hair dryer, or heat gun to shrink the small heat shrink pieces into place.

6) Place the wider diameter clear ring onto the heat shrink piece that is replacing your stock stress relief. Place it on the side of the black heat shrink that is closest to the mouse, wires, and JST. (It will secure your cable in the small slot at the front of your mouse.)

7) Heat the clear ring using a lighter, hair dryer, or heat gun to shrink and secure the ring into place.

8) Put your mouse back together! 🙂 (Be careful to not pinch wires between the top and bottom pieces of the mouse shell.)