Mouse Paracords

Our collection of mouse paracord cables includes both installable mouse paracords, for wired mice with a hardwired cable, and also detachable USB mouse paracords for charging wireless mice or connecting wired mice with detachable cables.

Our options include Quick-Ship paracords ready to be purchased, along with customizable mouse paracords and detachable USB mouse paracords allowing you to choose the length, color scheme, and connector options that will suit your mouse or desk setup best.

Our custom mouse cords make popular gifts for wired and wireless mice or can be a great way to treat yourself. We offer colorful options for those looking to brighten their space along with muted colors for monochrome or simpler setups. Click on each cable to learn more and don’t hesitate to contact us at Dream Cables with any questions or requests about our mouse paracords!

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  • Ultra flexible Detachable USB Mouse Paracord in red, perfect for charging a wireless mouse or replacing a stiff wired mouse stock cable

    Custom Detachable USB Mouse Paracord

  • Ultra flexible replacement mouse cables with infinite color options

    Custom Mouse Paracord

  • USB-C Mouse Paracords for mouse installation to plug into laptop or PC USB-C ports

    Custom USB-C Mouse Paracord

  • Ultra flexible Detachable USB Mouse Paracords with USB-C or Micro-USB to replace stock detachable USB mouse cables

    Quick-Ship Detachable USB Mouse Paracord

  • Mouse paracords ship next business day, available in 10 available colors

    Quick-Ship Mouse Paracord