Replacement, Cancellation, Warranty, & Shipping Policies

Order Change Policy

Order changes are only applicable to orders with Custom USB Cables, not paracords, and customers must contact Dream Cables Support within 24 hours of placing an order to make changes to a Custom USB Cable order. In our efforts to get all Dream Cables customers their customized cables as quickly as possible, order changes are not accepted for orders containing only mouse feet or orders containing any combination of the following products without a Custom USB Cable: mouse feet, standard Mouse Paracords, any Custom Mouse Paracords, Custom USB Paracords, or any Quick-Ship products.

Return/Cancellation Policy

Since all of our cables are handmade-to-order items, we do not accept returns. Your cable was made specifically for you. However, if your cable seems to be malfunctioning, please see our replacement policies below to see if you qualify for a cable replacement. In addition because we begin prep work on your cables almost immediately, orders cannot be cancelled once placed. Please make sure you order the correct cable you want the first time.

USB Cable Replacement Policy

Dream USB Cables have a 6-month warranty. In the extremely rare case your cable first arrives and does not work properly within the first 30 days, please contact us immediately, and we will work with you to get your cable fixed. We will send you a return label and have you send the cable back to us in the original packaging.

In the first 6 months after receiving your order, you may contact us for a replacement of your cable. We will first have you pay to ship the cable back to us. Upon receipt of your cable, we will analyze your cable’s issue, fix or replace it if applicable, and then send the working cable back to you free of charge.

When packaging your cable back up to ship back to us, please place it back in the original packaging (if you don’t have it, something similar and very secure as these cables can easily get deformed during shipping) and ensure it is well packed. We make sure to pack our cables nicely to keep your coils looking clean and tight. If you don’t pack your cable when shipping it back to us, it is very likely your coil will not return to you the way you sent it. Re-coiling cables is not part of our replacement policy, so please pack your cable accordingly 🙂

We will only fix or replace cables that have experienced normal use. Cables that have been abused by the customer will not be replaced or fixed.

Mouse & USB Paracord Replacement Policy

Dream Mouse Paracords and USB Paracords have a 6 month replacement policy due to the fact they are user installed, and the quality of your install will directly affect the life of the cable. Please note that all cables are tested and confirmed to be working properly prior to shipping. We have made and shipped thousands of these cables with well under 1% of those cables ever having a problem.

In the first 30 days after receiving your cable, if your cable seems to be malfunctioning, please let us know immediately via our support email or Contact Us page, and once your return is approved, we will provide a return label to send the cable back to us. Upon receipt of your cable, we will analyze your cable’s issue, fix or replace it if applicable, and then send the working cable back to you free of charge.

After the initial 30 days, but before the 6-month period ends, if you have an issue with your cable, contact our support and once we have approved your return, you can mail the cable back to us and we will fix/replace it as necessary.

This replacement policy only applies to cables that have undergone normal use. Cables that have been abused or incorrectly installed by the customer will not be replaced or fixed. In the event we receive your cable and determine its failure was caused by improper use, or if we determine there is nothing wrong with the cable, the customer will be required to pay return shipping to receive the cable back.

Due to the way the quality of the install directly affects the longevity of the cable, only one replacement in the 6-month period will be provided per cable ordered.

Shipping Policies

All orders shipped from Dream Cables are fully tracked for delivery. This includes all International packages as well. If your package tracking never says that it was delivered for any reason, we will provide support and a replacement if necessary. Unfortunately if a package tracking says that it has been delivered there is very little we can do. Please contact us in this situation as we do have tips on where your package could be based on our experiences.

Please understand we quote shipping times based on what the shipping carriers tell us. Due to the current Covid-19 situation throughout the world every major parcel carrier has suspended any kind of delivery guarantees and once we hand the package off to them we have zero control over the package, where it goes (the route it takes), or how long it takes to get there. Variations in delivery times apply especially in the case of international packages that pass through various countries on the way to their destination, due to countries changing their policies on work, imports etc. based on the current Covid-19 situation in their specific country. Again, we have NO control over a package once it leaves our shop.

On international packages we are required to put the correct value of the order on the customs forms, and customers are responsible for any customs import fees charged by your country.