Custom USB-C Mouse Paracord



Processing times for these custom cables are 2-5 business days. We aim to complete your cable as quickly as possible!

Use our Paracord Color Chart to get a closer look at the available colors. Consider some Mouse Feet to finish your mouse upgrades!


This cable is not for a mouse that has a detachable cable, do not order this if you need a cable that plugs into the front of your mouse, this is only for internal plug in.  For a mouse with a detachable cable, you need one of our Wireless Mouse Detachable USB Paracords.

Please include the brand and model for your wired mouse (Zowie ZA12-B, Zowie S2-C, Finalmouse Ultralight 2, G-Wolves Hati, Logitech G303, etc).

Please visit our Color Chart to browse our paracord collection!

USB connector that plugs into your computer

The color covering your USB-C connector

If your mouse model is not explicitly listed, we do not currently have a 3D-printed stress relief available for your mouse.

Do you ever find yourself running out of USB-A ports? You should be able to buy that slim laptop and also use your mouse. So now, we created our Custom Mouse Paracord with a USB-C twist!

Get the same customization available with our original Mouse Paracords with the more modern USB-C end! It's annoying having to switch between USB-A connections because you only have one port, and laptops these days have more and more USB-C ports built into them. You should be able to move forward with the rest of technology. (Please note, this is not a USB-A to USB-C cable, which is offered through our Wireless Mouse Detachable USB Paracords, in addition to other options.)

Use our Paracord Color Chart to get a closer look at the available colors.

Designed to make your wired mouse feel wireless, our Mouse Paracords are extremely flexible, relieving the frustration of fighting your mouse cable's clunky resistance. You choose your ideal length, your favorite paracord pattern, and what color heat shrink to have on each end to create your dream cable 🙂  Your USB-C connector will come with your choice of heat shrink already preshrunk, and your Mouse Paracord will come with three loose pieces of heat shrink on the cable for quick installation and durability during use (plus some extra pieces to ensure the best fit for your paracord in the nose of your mouse). Please see our Mouse Paracord Installation instructions for assistance in placing and heating the heat shrink when installing your mouse paracord.

Your cable will come packaged with no hard kinks or bends. USB-C Mouse Paracords are fully soldered and assembled in the USA. We use 30 awg ultra-flexible wiring to make your mouse feel as wireless as possible. If you are looking for a paracord for your wireless mouse or wired mouse with a detachable or removable USB cable, check out our Wireless Mouse Detachable USB Paracords, made with the same wiring but two standard USB ends!

Dream USB-C Mouse Paracords are typically processed and shipped in 2-4 business days, occasionally up to 5 business days. Once your cable is processed and ready to ship, you will receive an email with tracking information to the same email address used during checkout. Once an order is placed, it can not be canceled due to how quickly we start processing these cables. In addition we make these cables EXACTLY the way they are ordered.

If you want 3d printed stress relief but do not see your model listed, select "I will use heat shrink", as this means we don't currently support your mouse with the 3d printed stress relief. Otherwise we will make the cable with the exact stress relief you select, because we make fully custom items and have many customers that are making 100% custom mice (components from many mice), therefore we cannot second guess our hundreds and hundreds of orders and will make the cable as exactly as ordered. Thank you for your support and understanding 🙂

Check the FAQ page or contact us through our Contact Us Form or at [email protected] with any questions!