Ready-to-Ship Mouse Paracords

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These cables are (mostly) pre-made and ready to ship the same or next business day (Mon-Fri) if your order is placed before 2pm EST. Not all mice are supportd like they are with our Custom Mouse Paracords. Please note, orders ship based on the slowest processing item in the order.

While these Ready-to-Ship Mouse Paracords do not come with a 3D-printed stress relief option, we do offer Mouse Paracord Installation instructions for properly setting up your heat shrink when installing your paracord.


Ready-to-Ship Mouse Paracords are available only in the models below, but we also offer Custom Mouse Paracords!

Check out our Custom Mouse Paracords to choose from any color in our paracord collection!

Make your wired mouse feel wireless with a Mouse Paracord by Dream Cables! Don't let that heavy and inflexible mouse cable continue to annoy you day after day.

All of these cables come ready for JST installation in 5 different colors, available only for the mouse models listed.

All Ready-to-Ship Mouse Paracords are 6 feet long. If you are wanting a mouse paracord in one of our other 120+ colors check out our Custom Mouse Paracords.

Dream Ready-to-Ship cables will ship the next business day (Mon-Fri) if the order is placed before 2pm EST, and you will receive an email with tracking information to the same email address used during checkout. Once an order is placed, it can not be cancelled due to how quickly we start processing these cables. Please see our FAQ page for more information. Thank you for your support and understanding .

If you are looking for more customization of your mouse cable, like a different length, heat shrink color, or gold connector, check out our Custom Mouse Paracords! If you are interested in converting your mouse to use a USB-C port with your slim laptop, check out our new Custom USB-C Mouse Paracords! Or, if you want a matching USB cable for your keyboard, check out our Custom USB Cables.

Check our FAQs, use our contact us page, or email us at [email protected] with any questions!

Compatibility List


These cables are pre-made for the following models only:


  • All Zowie Mice
  • All Logitech Mice, excluding G600 & G500
  • Cooler Master: MM520, MM530, MM710, MM711
  • Finalmouse: Ultralight, Phantom, Air58, Ultralight 2
  • Glorious: Model O, Model O-, Model D, Model D-
  • Razer: Basilisk v1, DeathAdder Elite, Abyssus 2014, Viper Mini
  • Roccat: Burst, Burst Pro
  • Steelseries: Sensei 10, Rival 100, Rival 110
  • Vaxee: Zygen NP-01 & NP-01s, Outset Ax


Cables are soldered and assembled by hand in the USA using 30awg ultra-flexible braided wires inside of paracord to give you that wireless-mouse feeling.

We complete the cable as much as we can until your order is placed and then based on your mouse model, we do the final custom work to make sure the cable works with your specific mouse, as most mice are different to one another.

The cable will come with black heat shrink already covering the USB-A end, with three loose pieces ready to help you install your cable securely. All the heat shrink on the cable still visible after installation will be black. There will be some extra clear pieces included in your package to ensure your mouse paracord fits your mouse just right, Goldilocks style.

Please see our Mouse Paracord Installation instructions on how to set and heat your heat shrink, applicable to any mouse!