Replacement mouse feet for any Logitech mouse! Mouse skates are specifically available for most popular Logitech mice, and each listing specifies the applicable Logitech mouse models. Product pictures are representative of the feet provided in each pack, so you can also compare the pieces in the image to the bottom of your mouse!

Consider our DIY Mouse Feet if you want to minimize frictional surface contact or find your ideal mouse skates to be unavailable.

Mouse skates by Esports Tiger Gaming are available in 3 different releases: Arc 1, Arc 2, and ICE. Arc 1 mouse feet packs include 2 sets of feet, while both Arc 2 and ICE mouse feet packs typically contain only one set of replacement feet. We aim to carry the Arc 1 releases for available mouse models, and then also the Arc 2 or ICE release, whichever (if any) is available.

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