Custom Detachable USB Keyboard Cable



Most cables are completed & shipped in less than a week, and you will receive an email with your tracking information when your cable has shipped.

Design your bespoke customized Dream Detachable USB Cable! Use the Paracord Color Chart to get a better look at the paracord colors we offer, and visit our Sample USB Cable page to view previous customer combinations!

Visit our Color Chart for pictures of all our Paracord options!

Covers your Paracord — Highly recommended for coiled cables. Coils without Techflex do not hold their shape nearly as well as coils with Techflex.

Covers USB connectors

The USB connector you will plug into your PC, laptop, USB hub, or other power source

The USB connector you will plug into your keyboard or other device

Standard coil = 3/8″ inner diameter
Jumbo coil = 1/2″ inner diameter

If you chose to add a coil, please select which side of the detachable you would like your coil on. If a coil is selected without a layout selection made below, the coil will default to the device (keyboard) side of the detachable in a 90-degree layout with the coil ends coming out perpendicular to the coil.

Overall length includes a coil, so add 1 foot to the length you need from the back of the coil if applicable. (i.e. If you need 4 feet after the coil, please order a 5-foot cable.)


Detachable Dream Cables for your mechanical keyboard! Please visit the Paracord Color Chart for larger images of the available colors, and check out our Mouse Paracord options to match your mouse to your keyboard and tie everything together ­čÖé If you're looking for a non-detachable (single-piece) cable, go check out our Artisan Non-Detachable Cables!

Need a second detachable side? We've got you covered with options for extra host or device ends through our Custom Detachable Ends!

Check the FAQ page or contact us through our Contact Us Form or at [email protected] with any questions! Please note that orders can only be changed up to 24 hours after they have been placed due to how quickly we begin the process of assigning cables to our technicians and start cutting raw materials.



All cables are tested before shipment and will arrive ready for you to use.

USB 2.0 spec only allows for cables to be up to 15 feet long to work properly. Please understand that coils require more overall wire length to be added to your cable, which means that your “Overall Length” ordered may need to be shorter.

A 6-inch coil is available in keyboard cables up to 9 feet long. A 9-inch coil is available in keyboard cables up to 6 feet long.

Our 90-degree coils are designed to flow to the right of the keyboard by default, as a majority of keyboards (particularly USB-C keyboards) have their USB entry point in the top left corner of the keyboard.

Micro & Mini Cables

If you select a Micro- or Mini-USB with a coiled cable, please be aware that a 90-degree layout will come with your Mini or Micro with the widest section down and the coil flowing to the right from the USB connector. An inline coil layout will provide more directional flexibility and adaptability for your cable.

Please note, if the USB port on your keyboard is on the underside of your board (i.e. certain Varmilo keyboards like the VA87M and MA87), the sleeved cable wire will not fit inside the cable guide notch at the back of your keyboard, meaning that your keyboard will not be able to sit flat on your desk.



Non-detachable: the standard USB cable layout using a single piece of wire connecting two USB connectors

Detachable:┬áa USB cable layout allowing for a connection point in the middle, splitting your standard cable into two separate pieces — a host (aka PC computer) side & a device (aka keyboard) side

      • GX16:┬ámost common detachable connector in custom USB cables – 5 pin with a threaded connection system to hold pieces together
      • YC8: smallest and thinnest detachable connector – 5 pin with a push-pull connection system
      • Weipu: largest but lightest detachable connector – 5 pin with a push-pull connection system

Multicolor Detachable: a Detachable cable, as defined above, where you can choose separate Paracord and Techflex combinations for each side of your detachable cable (allowing your host and device sections to be different color combinations)

Host Connector: the USB connector that plugs into your PC, laptop, USB hub, or other power source

Device Connector: the USB connector that plugs into your keyboard or another device

Paracord: the base sleeving layer

Techflex: the secondary sleeving layer, covering the Paracord sleeving layer

Heat Shrink: the color encasing your USB connectors; also accents a GX16 detachable (if chosen)

Inline Coil: the wire of the cable continues in the same line with your coil, as in the diagrams below

90-degree Coil: our default layout; the wire of the cable comes out of the coil perpendicular to the coil, as shown in the primary cable sample images shown on cable product pages