Artisan USB Keyboard Cables

Dream Cables’ artisan USB cables allow you to customize your desktop or office setup with numerous paracord color options, individual detachable ends or a complete cable, the option to add a coil, and more. Personalize your space with high-quality cables that are not only built to last and suit your cable organization needs but are also completely your own. They also make great gifts for computer-savvy friends or family.

If you’re not sure where to begin, get inspired by visiting our Sample USB Cable page, where you can see previous customers’ artisan USB cable designs. For questions about our cables and our services, fill out a form on our Contact Us page.

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  • 5-pin GX16 straight and coiled detachable device ends for switching to a secondary keyboard

    Custom Detachable USB Cable Device End

  • 5-pin GX16 detachable host ends for switching to a secondary PC or laptop

    Custom Detachable USB Cable Host End

  • Ducky Frozen Llama Keyboard with Purple pattern device-side coiled mechanical keyboard USB cable with 5-pin Metallic Purple GX16 detachable connector

    Custom Detachable USB Keyboard Cable

  • Custom Multicolor Detachable USB Keyboard Cable

  • Micro-USB mechanical keyboard cable in teal with a 6-inch coil and 90-degree ends layout

    Custom Non-Detachable USB Keyboard Cable